Love moves the world!

I am a Hindu but I am more into Spirituality than religion. I am a very open-minded person when it comes to religion and beliefs. I do not discriminate other people for their beliefs, and I expect not to be discriminated for mine. How would you feel if someone hated you or judged you for your beliefs and for what you do? This is one of the problems in the society today, everyone wants to discriminate and pass judgment on everyone and everything instead of being encouraging, understanding, and patient.

In the time of the day, it’s not difficult to assume or realize how people vandalise, tarnish and make a mockery of a saint and His image…., and for what? For something that the leaders of a country refused and/or failed to do. For something that He’s been adored world over.

Over social media, and I see so many negative comments on my Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji and other Hindu Spiritual Leaders from pseudo-seculars and ‘seculars’ who claim to be Hindus. Just because HE does things that you don’t agree to, it does not give you the right to discriminate or talk ill about HIM. I know that people are entitled to their opinions and beliefs, ‘freedom of speech and expression’ (most abused, over-used and ill-used phrase), and blah blah…, but people also need to think before they say something because most of the time, it hurts the sentiments of people. Constructive criticism is welcomed but not writing or voicing needlessly, which doesn’t carry any essence.

It doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from and what we do. You can follow any God, because God is about love and not hatred. All Gods and Saints have said and insisted that LOVE is only the right and true way. Religion, by the way, is how we live our lives and view it. Gurudev says “Religion is the banana skin and Spirituality is the banana”. The misery in the world is because we throw away the banana while holding on to the dry, dead, useless skin. We need to enhance that spiritual aspect of our life. Sri Sri, in his many own ways, is doing the best to make this world a better place. He says “Remember your life is short… Till the time you are on earth, do some good work, bring happiness & turn tears into smiles.”

Where is the faith that all of us have inside ourselves? They say time is the healer. But do we have the patience to wait and watch what unfolds? Where’s the love and the kindness? We all possess it. It’s our innate nature. We all need to nurture that, tap that source deep in us.

The reason why this world, today, is in this situation is because of greed, jealousy, anger, hatred and more… Like I said before, it doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from and what we do, we are all human beings, and yes, we are free to live our life the way we want to. Each to his own, they say.

Ashwin Belagodu

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Me and Sweet Teeth :)

God bless those people who discovered Cocoa and Sweets.

I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have sweet teeth, all 32 of them. I have to end my meals on a sweet note. I like my chocolates, mousse, tarts, pastries, Bengali sweets and many more.. I can’t absolutely live without the Sweets and Chocolates. In fact I’ve had a lifelong affair with them and why not, they have been my best friends through thick and thin, through my highs and lows.

Whenever I have had a crappy day, and I have tired everybody out with my cribathon, all I have to do is open the refrigerator, take out that box of chocolates and quickly pop it into my mouth, close my eyes and let the familiar chocolaty aroma envelop me. Each taste bud of mine will come to life wanting to soak in its silky smoothness, its bitter sweet taste, and my day will just get better.

I grew up on Cadbury and it tasted far better back then – now it tastes less chocolatey and looks as if it’s on a diet (The size just keeps reducing every few days). When I was a kid, my favourite used to be Fruit and Nut.
With age, my taste has changed, I now prefer cadbury to Fruit and Nut. On my last trip to Pondicherry, me and my friend’s went berserk seeing chocolate boutiques. And we were too stressed in making our selections from the mind boggling variety of chocolate pastries and other stuffs. The shop assistants were amused looking at us 😉

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The other night while watching the new Cadbury Dairy Milk TV ad which makes me think of my family as I watch this family bonding over dinner and enjoying Cadbury Dairy Milk 🙂 I couldn’t help but smile remembering how my parents used to get me a dairymilk every Sunday with all the love 😉

But that’s what this Chocolate does to most of us, doesn’t it? It takes us a step closer to the child in us, to a long lost childhood.


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